Jun 29, 2016

Hoylake Lifeboat launches to disabled fishing boat

Hoylake RNLI's Shannon Class lifeboat showed just how capable she is when tasked by HM Coastguard to the assistance of a fishing vessel 38 miles north west of the lifeboat station. The Scottish-registered beam trawler Tjeerd Jacoba had suffered engine failure. The vessel contacted HM Coastguard, who requested that Hoylake Lifeboat launch to the casualty. The lifeboat Edmund Hawthorn Micklewood launched at 10.19am with her volunteer crew.

The lifeboat was able to cover the 38 miles in a moderate sea to reach the casualty at 11.44am. The fishing vessel was a 24 metre, 200 tonne craft but in spite of her size, the Hoylake Lifeboat was able to take her in tow and make good progress towards Liverpool. The twin water jets of the lifeboat expel three tonnes of water every second, giving her enormous power. The lifeboat towed the casualty 10 miles towards Liverpool and then to the north, where another nearby fishing vessel took up the tow towards Cumbria. This released Hoylake Lifeboat which was then able to return to station by 5.00pm.

Coxswain Andy Dodd said 'The Shannon is a very capable craft and proved it was more than up to the task. We reached the casualty very quickly and in spite of the size of the vessel were able to tow her without any difficulty. The many hours of crew training coupled with our superb lifeboat and launching vehicle has meant that we can reach a vessel in difficulty faster than ever before and once on scene we are far more capable than ever. We are reaping the reward of the generosity of the public in giving to the RNLI.'

Watch the shout video here


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When RNLI lifeboats are tasked to a rescue this is commonly referred to as a 'shout'.

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