Oct 25, 2017

Motor yacht in difficulty in the River Dee

Hoylake Lifeboat was tasked by UK Coastguard at 11:36pm to launch to a 26ft motor yacht that had reportedly run aground with one person on board, who was suffering from illness. The Coastguard were having difficulties in establishing communications with the casualty, which was initially thought to be at the entrance to the River Mersey. Liverpool VTS had identified a vessel suspected to be the casualty in the Crosby channel and the Coastguard asked the lifeboat to proceed to it. On arrival, it was discovered that this vessel was not the casualty. The Coastguard then reported that based on further information, the casualty might be at the entrance to the River Dee. Hoylake Lifeboat proceeded to the Dee and suggested that West Kirby Lifeboat be tasked to assist. West Kirby ILB launched and located the vessel close to Little Eye, before evacuating the casualty ashore for assessment. Hoylake Lifeboat arrived on scene and stood-by as West Kirby Lifeboat established a towline to take the vessel to a mooring at West Kirby. With the vessel secured, Hoylake Lifeboat returned to station and was made ready for service by 4:30am.


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When RNLI lifeboats are tasked to a rescue this is commonly referred to as a 'shout'.

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