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Sep 16, 2007

Whilst on exercise for the start of the Clipper Yacht Race, Hoylake Lifeboat was requested to assist New Brighton Lifeboat who had put a crew member aboard and had started to tow a vessel that had been dismasted. Hoylake Lifeboat went alongside the vessel to allow 2 of its crew members to be put aboard.

The crew assisted in getting the mast cleared and secured aboard the vessel, which was then towed towards the leeward side of the River Mersey by New Brighton Lifeboat. Once the mast and rigging were cleared the vessel proceeded to Liverpool Marina under its own steam.

Jul 28, 2007

Whilst on exercise in the River Mersey, Hoylake Lifeboat was contacted by Liverpool Coastguard and tasked to a 32ft angling vessel that had engine problems. The vessel was anchored in the vicinity of the Brazil buoy in the entrance to the River Mersey. The lifeboat went alongside the casualty in rough seas that occur in close proximity to the Old Rock Channel. Once it was established that the casualty's engine was unserviceable, a tow was connected and the vessel was taken to the safety of Liverpool Commercial docks via Langton lock. The lifeboat then returned to station.

Jul 12, 2007

A 10m yacht with 3 persons on 6 miles west of the Bar Light requested the assistance of a lifeboat from Liverpool Coastguard due to a faulty gearbox, rendering the engine unserviceable. Hoylake Lifeboat launched to the casualty where a crew member was put aboard the vessel and a tow was secured. The casualty was towed to the safety of Liverpool Marina and the lifeboat returned to station.

Jul 4, 2007

Liverpool Coastguard launched Hoylake Lifeboat to assist a lone yachtsman on passage from the Isle of Mann to Conwy, as he was off course and exhausted in heavy weather.

The lifeboat made best sped towards the casualty given the near gale force winds and very rough seas, to find the casualty was not in the position given. Instead he was 4 miles away, swiftly located by the lifeboat’s radar.

A lifeboat crew member was transferred to the casualty in very rough conditions to assist the yachtsman, where a tow rope was attached. The vessel was taken to the safety of Liverpool Commercial docks, where she was berthed by shore helpers from the lifeboat station.

Jun 17, 2007

Whilst engaged on a routine exercise in the River Mersey to support the re-enactment of the Monks Ferry crossing, crew members noticed three persons in the water just off Seacombe Ferry Terminal. As the lifeboat sped to their assistance, it became apparent that they had fallen off a jet ski which was floating nearby.

Two persons remounted the jet ski and one other, who appeared to be winded, was brought aboard the Lifeboat. After it was decided that the casualty was okay, she was transferred to New Brighton Lifeboat who took her back to New Brighton.

May 22, 2007

A tanker by the name of "Babadag" bound for the Stanlow Oil Refinery was anchored waiting on the tide before proceeding up the River Mersey. The pilot vessel "Kittiwake" was following the vessel "Coastal Wave" in preparation to take the pilot off. It became apparent the Russian Chief Officer of the "Babadag" had been suffering chest pains for about 5 days. With this in mind, Liverpool Coastguard requested the launch of Hoylake Lifeboat.

The pilot vessel, having recovered the pilot from “Coastal Wave”, then proceeded to the "Babadag" and took the casualty on board. Hoylake Lifeboat went alongside the "Kittiwake" at the Q5 Channel buoy, where a first aider and medical equipment was transferred. The pilot launch then proceeded to a waiting ambulance at the Woodside Ferry Terminal where the casualty was evacuated to hospital. Hoylake Lifeboat then returned to station, and the casualty was returned to St Petersburg later that month.

May 6, 2007

Hoylake Lifeboat was tasked by Liverpool Coastguard to assist West Kirby Lifeboat in the search for a windsurfer lost in theDeeestuary. As the lifeboat made her way to her launch position, West Kirby Lifeboat picked up the casualty. Hoylake Lifeboat returned to station.

Apr 15, 2007

At 1600 Holyhead Coastguard tasked Hoylake Lifeboat to assist Rhyl Lifeboat in a search for a motor boat and 2 jet skis in thick fog. After an intensive search by the lifeboats and the RAF Search & Rescue Helicopter from RAF Valley, the casualties were located and the "Lady of Hilbre" stood down.

Whilst the situation to the west was being resolved, Liverpool Coastguard requested Hoylake's small tractor, Tractor Bravo, to assist in the search for people returning from Hilbre Island, who were also lost in the fog on an incoming tide. When the persons concerned were accounted for, the tractor returned to station to prepare for recovery of the lifeboat.

On returning to the lifeboat station, Hoylake Lifeboat then received a call from Liverpool Coastguard stating that a yacht, with 4 persons on board had hit the training wall in the approaches to the River Mersey. The lifeboat sped towards the casualty.

On arrival at the scene, another yacht was also having trouble with visibility. Hoylake Lifeboat and New Brighton Lifeboat escorted the vessels towards the safety of Liverpool Marina. Hoylake Lifeboat then returned to station and was refuelled and ready for service.

Apr 13, 2007

At 1745 Hoylake Lifeboat launched to assist a yacht with engine failure in little wind to fill the sails on the flood of an evening tide. The 35ft steel-hulled vessel called Liverpool Coastguard for assistance to reach Liverpool Marina at Brunswick.

New Brighton Lifeboat and Marine Fire 1 proceeded to assist. The Coastguard decided to launch the Hoylake Lifeboat due to the size of the casualty.

Hoylake Lifeboat proceeded through the old Rock Channel to rendezvous with Marine Fire 1 at the Brazil buoy. The "Lady of Hilbre" took over the tow and reached the safety of the marina before returning to station.

Apr 8, 2007

Hoylake Lifeboat was tasked at 1015 to a 40ft motor sailing yacht with 5 persons on board anchored north of the Q6 buoy in the approaches to the Mersey Channel. The motor yacht had been anchored for 2 tides attempting to replace a cylinder head gasket which had blown on passage to the Isle of Man from the Marina at Brunswick.

On reaching the yacht, a tow was secured from the lifeboat on the flood of the day tide. The casualty was towed back to the safety of the marina.

Apr 6, 2007

Hoylake Lifeboat was called to the waters edge in pursuit of a runaway horse which had bolted into the tide shortly before high water. 2 young girls pursued the horse into the water and there were fears for their safety.

Coastguards and lifeboat crew paused at the waters edge when the horse turned towards the shore. When all 3 were safe, the lifeboat returned to station.

Apr 5, 2007

While on exercise, Hoylake Lifeboat received a call from Liverpool Coastguard requesting the lifeboat’s participation in a search off Ainsdale beach, where 2 jet skis were believed to be missing.

As the visibility was poor, it was thought the lifeboat’s radar would benefit the search. As the search was completed, the lifeboat was stood down and returned to station.

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