Sep 29, 2018

Hoylake Lifeboat launched to take over tow of 24ft power boat

At 7.09pm, UK Coastguard requested that Hoylake’s Shannon class lifeboat ‘Edmund Hawthorn Micklewood’ launch and take over the tow of a casualty from Rhyl Lifeboat. The vessel in distress was a 24ft power boat with 3 persons on board that had launched from Widnes. She had issued a Mayday call after suffering engine failure in challenging weather conditions north west of Rhyl.

Rhyl Lifeboat had initially responded to the casualty’s Mayday and taken her under tow. Hoylake Lifeboat rendezvoused with Rhyl Lifeboat 7 miles north west of Hoylake and put a crew member aboard the casualty vessel to assist. Hoylake took over the tow and brought the casualty 19 miles to the safety of Tranmere small boat moorings in the River Mersey. Hoylake then returned to station and was ready for service again at 1.00am.

Watch the shout video here


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When RNLI lifeboats are tasked to a rescue this is commonly referred to as a 'shout'.

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