Jan 2, 2019

Hovercraft tasked to two lost dogs with injuries on Formby beach

Hoylake RNLI hovercraft was tasked by UK Coastguard to assist Crosby Coastguard Rescue Team in aiding two dogs which had been found alone on Formby beach.

The dogs had reportedly been missing since the previous evening and had spent the night lost on the beach, where overnight temperatures reached below freezing. The owners were found through social media and made their way to the scene.

The hovercraft launched from Hoylake at 11.28am and arrived on Formby beach to be met by Coastguard officers, Southport Offshore Rescue and the dogs' owners. The dogs were located just north of the River Alt, approximately 1/2 a mile from shore. One, a Husky, was found to be having difficulty standing, while another was distressed and acting protectively of its canine friend.

The uninjured dog was escorted ashore by Coastguard and Southport Rescue colleagues. Meanwhile the injured Husky and its owner were brought on board Hoylake RNLI hovercraft and transferred ashore safely to Albert Road in Formby, accompanied by a Coastguard officer.

With both dogs and their owners safely ashore in the care of emergency service colleagues, Hoylake RNLI hovercraft returned to station to be made ready for her next service.

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When RNLI lifeboats are tasked to a rescue this is commonly referred to as a 'shout'.

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