Hoylake Lifeboat Station News

Sep 15, 2009

When a small microlight aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing on the Hoyle Bank, Hoylake Lifeboat crew went to the assistance of the pilot, who was unharmed and taken to the station to be cared for. After the emergency services arrived, it was decided that Hoylake RNLI’s small agricultural tractor “Tractor Bravo” would ferry the necessary personnel to the Aircraft and back.

Once the scene had been cleared by the Civil Aviation Authority, the aircraft was towed to the safety of Hoylake promenade by Tractor Bravo, where the owners prepared the it for road transport to their local airfield.

Sep 3, 2009

Hoylake Lifeboat was requested to launch by Liverpool Coastguard after a lone sailor aboard a 50ft foot ketch (twin-masted yacht) anchored in unfamiliar waters and became fatigued due to deteriorating weather conditions. As the wind was so strong the casualty could not recover his anchor. RNLI New Brighton Lifeboat was first on the scene and put a crew member on board the casualty. After launching into heavy seas, Hoylake Lifeboat made rapid speed with a following sea towards the stricken vessel. On arrival, half a mile north of the Perch Rock lighthouse, both lifeboats worked together to establish a tow, with wind speeds approaching storm force 10.

Hoylake Lifeboat took the weight on the tow allowing the anchor to be raised. With the anchor safely on deck, Hoylake Lifeboat towed the vessel to the safety of Liverpool Marina.

Jul 12, 2009

Hoylake Lifeboat was requested to launch by Liverpool Coastguard after two jet skis and a small motor launch were reported to be having difficulties in Hilbre Pool. As the Lady of Hilbre was nearing her launch position, the crew of the jet skis had returned ashore and were safe. Hoylake Lifeboat was stood down and returned to station.

Jul 11, 2009

Hoylake Lifeboat was preparing to launch for exercise and crew training when Liverpool Coastguard tasked her to a 38ft Morecambe Bay Prawner (Nobby) with engine problems in the River Mersey. New Brighton Lifeboat had initially been launched to the incident and had the vessel under tow, but due to the vessel’s size the coastguard had requested Hoylake’s all-weather lifeboat as a safeguard.

The lifeboat went alongside and put 2 crew members aboard to assist with connecting the tow rope. Once this was done with the assistance of aNew Brightoncrew member, Hoylake Lifeboat headed for the safety of Liverpool Marina.

Jun 19, 2009

A yacht was reported drifting between Heswall andGreenfieldin the River Dee. Unsure if the vessel had crew on board, Liverpool Coastguard tasked Hoylake Lifeboat, which quickly launched into a north-north-westerly gale and sped to the approximate position given by a member of the public who spotted the casualty. The lifeboat arrived at a position mid-river, where the casualty was spotted on radar. The lifeboat crew established that there were no persons aboard and that the yacht had broken its moorings atWest Kirby.

As the yacht had grounded at high water and could not be reached by boat, after discussion between Liverpool Coastguard and the coastguard mobile unit the Lifeboat was stood down and returned to station.

May 26, 2009

A 32ft 6 ton yacht anchored in the Rock channel at the mouth of the River Mersey required assistance after the skipper became exhausted by the weather and sea conditions offNew Brighton. New Brighton Lifeboat was requested to attend the vessel, which had tried to navigate the channel earlier.

After New Brighton RNLI had assessed the situation and due to the size and weight of the casualty, Liverpool Coastguard decided the casualty needed towing to his moorings and requested the launch of Hoylake Lifeboat, the Lady of Hilbre.

Hoylake launched and made best speed toward the vessel, where a crew member was put aboard to assist New Brighton Lifeboat crew who had already recovered the anchor. Once this was done, the yacht was eventually towed to a set of moorings at Tranmere.

May 23, 2009

When a small yacht with engine problems ran ground on the West Hoyle bank, the owner requested his children be taken ashore. Liverpool Coastguard requested the launch of West Kirby Lifeboat. After discussion with Liverpool Coastguard, it was decided that it would be prudent for the safety of the vessel to launch Hoylake's all-weather lifeboat to survey the area in daylight rather than wait until dark.

After reaching the casualty, 2 lifeboat crew members were put aboard and rectified the engine problem which turned out to be a fuel blockage. The vessel was refloated and towed toWest Kirby. With the engine now running, the yacht was released and made his own way up to his moorings.

Apr 19, 2009

The skipper of a 9.5m dive support vessel contacted Liverpool Coastguard after a rope became entangled in its propeller. The Coastguard immediately requested the launch of Hoylake’s Mersey Class Lifeboat Lady of Hilbre.

As the lifeboat launched and made best speed towards the casualty, one of the divers on board the casualty had donned his gear and gone over the side to free the fouled propeller.

After the casualty informed the Coastguard of his situation, the lifeboat was stood down and returned to station.

Mar 13, 2009

A member of the public became concerned for the occupants of three vehicles left at the bottom ofBeach Roadin Hoylake and contacted Liverpool Coastguard. At approximately 2015 the Coastguard called Hoylake RNLI to voice concerns over the safety of the individuals from the vehicles who were out on the sand banks on a number of quad bikes and trailers, especially as there was a big flooding tide predicted.

It was decided that Hoylake’s agricultural Tractor Bravo would search the area with the intention of advising the persons suspected of cockling out of season of the dangers of their circumstances.

While searching the area around Red Rocks, Hoylake’s tractor received another call from the coastguard- a member of the public had driven their 4x4 vehicle out onto the sand approximately half a mile west of Middle Eye (a smallIslandnear to Hilbre in the River Dee) and had become stuck in the treacherous sand and mud. Tractor Bravo made best speed towards the casualty, but on arrival at the scene, the occupants had abandoned the vehicle to the incoming tide and were wading ashore. West Kirby Lifeboat was already en route to the scene and the occupants of the 4x4 were transferred to the warmth of the RNLI Land Rover for the trip back to the beach.

As the Coastguard and local Police were dealing with the drivers and passengers of the quad bikes, Tractor Bravo returned to station.

Jan 17, 2009

While en-route back to Hoylake after exercising in the River Mersey, Hoylake Lifeboat intercepted a transmission between Liverpool Coastguard and a Coastguard mobile unit stating that a windsurfer was in difficulties in the water off the North Wirral coast in the vicinity of New Brighton. The lifeboat immediately turned around and headed for the area just as Liverpool Coastguard tasked the lifeboat to the incident.

The lifeboat made best speed towards the position and the casualty was quickly located and brought aboard the lifeboat. At the same time, New Brighton Lifeboat was also launched to the incident and transferred the hypothermic casualty to the ambulance waiting ashore for the short trip to Arrowe Park Hospital.

With the casualty safely ashore, both RNLI Lifeboats returned to station.

Jan 15, 2009

Liverpool Coastguard requested the launch of Hoylake all-weather lifeboat to assist with the medical evacuation (medivac) of a crew member on board a ferry bound for Dublin. The Coastguard tasked the Lifeboat to the Norbay after a crew member suffered serious head injuries just after leaving theQueens channel.

The Lady of Hilbre sped towards the casualty with a paramedic crew member on board. RAF Search & Rescue helicopter Rescue 122 was also dispatched fromRAFValley to transfer the injured man to hospital. With the casualty safely on board the helicopter, the lifeboat returned to station.



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