Hoylake Lifeboat Station News

Jul 17, 2010

A 22ft yacht on passage from Liverpool to Conwy, with 2 persons on board, requested assistance after the crew were overcome with severe seasickness. Liverpool Coastguard tasked Hoylake Lifeboat to the incident after the skipper reported that his female crew member was extremely seasick, and he himself was suffering fatigue.

Hoylake Lifeboat launched into west-south-west gale force 8 winds and proceeded to a position close to HE1 buoy in the approaches to the River Dee. In heavy seas the lifeboat manoeuvred close enough to the casualty to transfer a lifeboat crewmember aboard the yacht, who assisted with connecting a tow, steering and berthing the vessel.

Because of the size of the vessel and the state of the tide and wind slow progress was made. But after 7 hours the casualty was towed to the calm waters of the River Mersey and the safety of Liverpool Marina. Hoylake Lifeboat then returned to station.

Jun 11, 2010

A 34ft yacht on passage from Douglas in the Isle of Man to Liverpool, with 3 persons on board, became disabled after its steering gear failed. Liverpool Coastguard tasked Hoylake and New Brighton Lifeboats to the casualty which was drifting in the Crosby channel approach to the port of Liverpool.

New Brighton Lifeboat was first on scene and put a crew member aboard, taking the vessel under tow due to the significant amount of traffic in and out of the River Mersey.

The weather was west-north-west force 6-7 and after New Brighton’s tow line parted, Hoylake Lifeboat connected their own line with the assistance of the New Brighton crewmember to take the casualty to the safety of Liverpool Marina. Hoylake Lifeboat returned to station while New Brighton Lifeboat was tasked to another incident further up the River Mersey.

May 30, 2010

After the dredger WD Mersey picked up a suspicious looking object, a call was made to Liverpool Coastguard and the Royal Navy’s bomb disposal team were alerted. The WD Mersey was working in the approaches to the port of Liverpool, which involves removing sediment from the sea bed to stop the river silting.

Hoylake’s relief lifeboat Royal Shipwright was requested by Liverpool Coastguard to launch and transfer a bomb disposal team and their equipment, complete with explosive charges, to the dredger which was now in a safe anchorage.

The object appeared to be a World War II ordinance. After charges were attached to the shell it was lowered to the sea bed clear of all vessels and detonated. Hoylake’s relief lifeboat returned to station.

Mar 31, 2010

After a River Mersey tug Svitzer Bidston reported a 35ft Motor Fishing Vessel (MFV) adrift in the river, Hoylake Lifeboat was launched to assist Merseyside Fire & Rescue’s Marine Fire 1. The casualty had apparently broken her moorings on the west side of the river and drifted towards the estuary when reported by the tug's crew.

Liverpool Coastguard requested that Marine Fire 1 investigate the casualty and assess the situation. The vessel was unmanned and was a danger to navigation being in a position between Charlie 18 and Charlie 20 channel buoys.

As the weather was deteriorating rapidly, at 0445 Liverpool Coastguard requested the launch of Hoylake’s all-weather Lifeboat to recover the vessel from this dangerous position. After launching into northerly force 6-7 winds, the lifeboat made best speed towards the casualty.

Two lifeboat crew members were put aboard the MFV to clear the foredeck and attach a tow. Hoylake Lifeboat towed the casualty towards Tranmere moorings just as a lock became available in Langton. The MFV was towed into Huskisson No. 1 dock where she was met by her owner.

With the situation resolved, Hoylake Lifeboat returned to station. The weather at this time was NNW force 8-9, gusting 10.

Feb 20, 2010

Hoylake relief lifeboat Royal Shipwright was on a joint exercise with New Brighton Lifeboat and Hovercraft when Liverpool Coastguard received a 999 call from a member of the public stating that someone intended jumping into the River Mersey at Seacombe landing stage. As the 3 RNLI units were beginning their exercise, the Coastguard asked Hoylake relief lifeboat to relay a message toNew Brighton to attend the scene. Shortly after, Hoylake Lifeboat and New Brighton Hovercraft were also requested to head to the search area.

The 3 RNLI vessels and Merseyside Fire & Rescue’s Marine Fire 1 searched the west side of theMersey from Seacombe to south of Bromborough dock and then the east side from Garston to Liverpool Pier Head, with nothing found. After two hours of searching, Liverpool Coastguard called off the search and all SAR vessels returned to their stations. The exercise was cancelled until a later date.

Jan 31, 2010

Hoylake Lifeboat Lady of Hilbre was launching on passage to Holyhead for a refit as her replacement Mersey Class Royal Shipwright was just entering Hoylake’s operational area. With the transfer of equipment and call sign completed, Royal Shipwright now assumed the role of Hoylake Lifeboat.

As the recovery procedure was just beginning, Rhyl Lifeboat reported hearing the spoken words “Mayday” and “Quebec One”. Rhyl Lifeboat was tasked to the River Dee along withWest Kirby inshore lifeboat. Hoylake and New Brighton Lifeboats were launched to Quebec One navigational buoy at the entrance to the River Mersey, where both rescue craft were designated search patterns by Liverpool Coastguard who were co-ordinating the search.

After searching for 3 hours with nothing being found or heard again, it was decided to stand the four lifeboats down and assume that this call was a hoax.



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