Hoylake Lifeboat Station News

Oct 9, 2013

A crane barge working in the River Mersey with 2 persons on board was suffering under severe weather conditions. Hoylake and New Brighton Lifeboats were tasked to stand-by the vessel as it was towed by tugs into the safe waters of Gladstone Lock.

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Aug 5, 2013

At around 10:30pm a member of the public reported seeing a red flare west of Hilbre Island. Hoylake Lifeboat was launched to conduct a search around the island and River Dee estuary with shore-based Coastguard units and West Kirby RNLI, who made enquiries with people staying on the island around whether anyone in potential distress had been seen. After 3 hours searching and with nothing found, all units were stood down with the incident concluded as a false alarm with good intent. Hoylake Lifeboat recovered on the beach at 1:30am.

Jul 22, 2013

Liverpool Coastguard requested the launch of Hoylake ALB to assist a 40ft yacht with engine problems. The casualty, on passage to Liverpool Marina, was struggling in the strong easterly wind. Two crew members were transferred aboard the casualty to assist with the sails and connecting the tow. Once the vessel was towed to the safety of the marina, the lifeboat returned to station.

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Jun 30, 2013

Hoylake & West Kirby Lifeboats were launched to assist the yacht "Wisper" caught in bad weather in the River Dee. Suffering from sea sickness, West Kirby ILB transferred one crew member to the shore, where they were met by the Coastguard. Hoylake Lifeboat then put a lifeboat crew member on board the yacht to pass a tow, before proceeding to the safety of Mostyn Harbour. With the yacht secure on moorings, Hoylake Lifeboat returned to station.

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Jun 17, 2013

At 1:30am Hoylake Lifeboat crew were paged to launch for a medical evacuation from the 90m cargo ship "Kastor" anchored at the Liverpool Bar. Two lifeboat first aiders boarded the vessel to assess a crew member suffering from breathing difficulties, before transferring him to the lifeboat. He was taken to the Liverpool Pier Head where paramedics were waiting. With the casualty safely ashore, Hoylake Lifeboat returned to station.

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May 16, 2013

In the early hours of Thursday 16th May 2013, Hoylake Lifeboat’s volunteer crew was tasked to a 94m survey vessel, 8.5 miles from station to evacuate one of its crew, suffering from severe chest pains and breathing difficulties. The casualty was transferred to the lifeboat and was landed back at station and transferred to a waiting ambulance.

May 2, 2013

Hoylake Lifeboat tractor was tasked to 7 young people who were cut off by the incoming tide at the moorings in Meols. New Brighton Hovercraft was also tasked along with the Hoylake Coastguard mobile unit. After the Coastguard made contact with them, the casualties were guided ashore.



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