Hoylake Lifeboat Station News

Sep 23, 2014

RNLI Hoylake Lifeboat was requested by Liverpool Coastguard to launch and rendezvous with Rhyl Lifeboat to tow the disabled yacht to the safety of Liverpool Marina. The yacht, with two persons on board, was disabled by engine failure and jammed rigging. The crew acted wisely by requesting assistance by radio from the Coastguard before the situation of the vessel became critical. They were able to give an accurate location which was of great assistance to the lifeboats.

Aug 31, 2014

Hoylake lifeboat was tasked to a vessel with a reported fire on board. The Lady of Hilbre sped to the casualty and took the 2 crew aboard after an attempt to extinguish the fire failed. The lifeboat stood by and after 20 minutes the vessels crew went back aboard with one lifeboat crewman to reassess the situation. A small electrical fault was the source and the fire had burnt out. The lifeboat then escorted the vessel back to Langton dock

Aug 14, 2014

Hoylake Lifeboat was launched on service to assist in escorting the vessel OMS POLLUX, which had been in collision with the concrete base of a wind turbine off the Cumbrian coast.

Hoylake Lifeboat's volunteer crew were alerted by their pagers at 12:47 following a request from Liverpool Coastguard for the lifeboat to launch to assist in escorting the damaged Danish-flagged support vessel, which was leaking fuel. None of the crew of the vessel were reported injured in the accident. Initially Barrow and then Lytham RNLI Lifeboats escorted the casualty southwards towards the Port of Liverpool. Hoylake Lifeboat was tasked to complete these escort duties.

The OMS POLLUX was escorted by Hoylake Lifeboat to an anchorage outside the confines of the Port of Liverpool so that repairs could be effected and the risk of more serious pollution mitigated. Hoylake Lifeboat was released from its duties by Liverpool Coastguard at 17:04 and returned to the beach at Hoylake where it was recovered, returned to the boathouse and prepared for its next service.

Aug 7, 2014

Hoylake Lifeboat was tasked by Liverpool Coastguard to search for a life raft spotted from a passing helicopter. Hoylake’s Mersey class Lifeboat, Lady of Hilbre, was requested to launch after the pilot of a helicopter taking crew to and from a rig in Liverpool Bay spotted the life raft apparently drifting approximately 9 miles North West for the Lifeboat Station. A search pattern was passed to the Lifeboat from HM Coastguard by radio, after a period of searching it was decided between Lifeboat crew and coastguards that what the pilot had seen was a temporary weather buoy. Coastguards stood the lifeboat down and she returned to station.


Jul 27, 2014

Hoylake’s Mersey class Lifeboat, Lady of Hilbre and it's volunteer crew, was tasked to assist a motor boat with engine problems.The incident commenced with RNLI New Brighton lifeboat being tasked to the casualty that had suffered engine failure in a hazardous position just off the sea wall in Leasowe Bay with four crew. A tow line was made fast and the 4.5 tonne 7.5 metre vessel was towed clear of the shallow water.With the weight of the casualty, and a long tow to moorings in the Mersey, New Brighton Lifeboat requested the launch of Hoylake All Weather Lifeboat. After connecting their own tow rope, Hoylake Lifeboat proceeded with the long tow against an ebb tide to moorings at South Tranmere. With the vessel and crew safe, Hoylake Lifeboat returned to station to be washed off and refuelled

Jun 25, 2014

At 19:45 on 25th of June, Liverpool Coastguard requested the launch of Hoylake RNLI's Mersey class lifeboat after a fishing vessel who had suffered engine failure North of Hilbre Island had called for assistance. The Lady of Hilbre launched and was alongside within minutes. A crewman was put aboard and a tow line attached. The crewman was able to get the engine restarted, but it was decided to keep a line on it until they were closer to its moorings. As there was not much water on the moorings and the tide was flooding, both vessels proceeded at slow speed until there was enough depth for the casualty to proceed safely under her own power. Once the casualty was moored and the crew were safe, RNLI Hoylake Lifeboat returned to station to be refuelled and made ready for her next service.

Mar 14, 2014

Hoylake lifeboat had been tasked to assist with a vessel, that had a suspected fire on board in thick fog, As the lifeboat made it's way through the rock channel, into the Mersey, the Lifeboat was stood down as the vessel had managed to make its own way into the lock at Liverpool marina.

Feb 20, 2014

At 09:30 this morning, Hoylake Lifeboat launched on service to the aid of a Pilot Launch which had suffered a failure to one of its engines. The casualty made her own way to Langton Lock Liverpool, with Hoylake ALB in attendance, once the lock gates were being closed with the vessel safely inside, the RNLI Lifeboat returned to station

Feb 15, 2014

This afternoon Hoylake Lifeboat was tasked to a windsurfer in difficulties during strong winds in the River Dee. West Kirby Lifeboat, Hoylake Coastguard Team and RAF Valley's Rescue 122 helicopter were also tasked to the incident. Before launching it became clear that the casualty had made their own way ashore and was safe and well. All units were stood down by the Coastguard and Hoylake Lifeboat was made ready for its next service.



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